Trap Shoot Cashier:

Software design and development for Windows and Linux.

  • C/C++
  • Fortran
  • Basic
  • Cobol

Database Servers:
  • MySQL
  • InterBase
  • Btreive
Software analysis and requirements.  Comparison of existing solutions, selection and fulfillment.
IT consulting.  Analysis, specification and fulfillment of all your computer needs.  We use EQUUS Computer Systems to supply top quality systems; from small form factor to full rack systems.
Network analysis, requirements, design and fulfillment.  Security of the computers and the network is one the most challenging aspects of today's IT departments

We will gladly attend your trap shoot and help run your office.  We can supply all the computers, printers, network, and software to handle several hundred shooters.

However, we cannot supply all the personnel to run the multiple computer stations. 

Cashiering will be undertaken on a cost plus basis only.  We have a motor home and all the computer equipment you'll ever need.  And if we get to shoot... well, the plus is negotiable.